Collection: Jürgen Asp

A Life in the Signs of Art and Adventure

Since the summer of 1981, Jürgen Asp has dedicated his life to art as a freelance artist and cartoonist. His journey began on Smedjegatan in Gothenburg, where he first opened the doors to his creative world. Today, he continues to inspire and create from his studio on Ringön, a place that reflects his constant pursuit of new expression and innovation in art and illustration.

Jürgen Asp is not only known for his work as an artist and illustrator; he is also a passionate course leader who shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for creative creation. His commitment extends beyond the studio, into the embrace of nature as a sailor, host in the mountains, long-distance cyclist, and as a true citizen of the world.

This multifaceted life has not only shaped Jürgen as a person but also as an artist. His work is a reflection of the adventures and experiences he has accumulated over the years. Every brushstroke and sketch tells a story of freedom, passion and a deep commitment to exploring the world in all its forms.

By combining his love of nature and his artistry, Jürgen Asp has created a unique expression that engages and inspires. His work is an invitation to the viewer to explore the world through his eyes - a world where art and adventure go hand in hand.