Collection: Annika Andersson

Anniki Andersson, artist from Östersund, finds joy and quality of life in her creation. Her inspiration is drawn from experiences and thoughts that arise in different environments and situations, which characterize her images and sculptures.


Östersund Art School


Dreyriet, Östersund
Härke art center, Frösön
Super market art fair, stand for KRO / KIF Konstfack Stockholm
The artisans in Ystad
Svensson frames Östersund
Gallery häntveket Stockholm
125 square meters Stockholm
Härke art center
The art gallery in Ånge


Ahlbergshallen, Östersund
Liljevalchs Konsthall Grafiktriennalen, Stockholm
Gallerihuset, Östersund
Gallery K, Gävle
Culture House, Järpen
Härke Art Center, Frösön
Ahlbegshallen, Östersund
The graphic society Grafikstaffetten, Stockholm
Open garden, Kännåsen
Svensson's Frames, Östersund
K.75, Östersund
Experience in the sign of light, Kaxås
Gallery SVEA, Stockholm
Gallery Babel in Trondheim
High Time Jamtli Östersund
"My salon" Art salon LAT.63 Östersund