Collection: Simone Syverson

Perpetuator of Life's Moments

Simone Syversson, a passionate photographer from a young age, got her first camera at just 10 years old. She has since documented every moment of her life. Photography took on a new dimension when her children got involved in sports, and out of nervousness she placed the camera in front of her face so as not to miss any part of the game.

Simone's presence with the camera became a well-known sight in Värmland's arenas, and the assignments grew in scope. With her own company, she now freelances full-time and focuses mostly on corporate and sports photography. But even in his spare time, Simone has a penchant for capturing abandoned houses, cars and the beauty of nature.

The camera is always there, immortalizing every step and every moment. Simone takes on a variety of assignments including corporate portraits, event documentation, portrait photography for individuals and memorable moments such as weddings, christenings and graduations. Her portfolio ranges from major events such as Melodifestivalen to local music performances at Nöjesfabriken.

Simone collaborates with
Dömle Herrgård – Kursgård, party venue
Parisima Scandinavia AB – Tiles and clinker