Collection: Tone Behncke

The Painter Exploring the Diversity of Artistic Expression

Tone Behncke began his artistic journey at the age of 14 by painting on porcelain and has since explored a wide variety of artistic expressions. With a background in business administration, she combines her artistic talents with business acumen.

Behncke has developed a unique ability to use color as his main tool, whether on porcelain or canvas. Her artistic expression is characterized by a constant striving to explore the limits of art's possibilities.

Tone's early experience painting on porcelain has provided a solid foundation for her artistic journey. She has created an artistic legacy that encompasses not only technical skill but also a passion for challenging and exploring the various aspects of painting. Each brush stroke evokes a world of creativity, and her art becomes a journey through different surfaces and expressions.


Gallery Mats Bergman, Stockholm
Gallery Nobel, Oslo
Gallery Mats Bergman Karlstad
Gallery Soon, Son
Soerum Art Association/Sørum Kunstforening
Aon Greig, Nesbru
Aon Grieg, Oslo