Collection: Hanna Hagström Ohlen

Hanna Hagström Ohlén, the Swedish ceramist and art educator, is characterized by a sense of freedom and innovative thinking in her artistry. She has made it her signature to experiment with clay and explore new ideas. This creative drive has led her to constantly develop her artistry and explore new directions.

The sea has always been a significant source of inspiration in Hanna's creations. It is probably reflected in her work, where the dynamism and shifting character of the sea is perhaps reflected through her unique and exploratory approach to ceramics.


Röhs Museum, Gothenburg
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
Astrazeneca exhibition hall, Gothenburg
Rome, Italy
Marstrand's Sea Hotel
Gallery Nord, Örebro
Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Gallery Kim Anstensen, Gothenburg
Galleri Källan, Skanör
Gallery 31, Skärhamn at the watercolor museum
Hönö Art Gallery
Galleri Brygghuset, Käringön
Mölnlycke Cultural Center
Bohuslän Museum
Öckerö Art Gallery
Kristallsalen, City Hall, Marstrand
Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg
City Hall Gallery, Kungälv
Gothenburg Garden Association
Gallery Långgatan, Marstrand
Restaurant Hos Pelle, Gothenburg
Gallery Böljan Blå, Fiskebäckskil


Gallery Kim Anstensen, Gothenburg
Gallery 31, Skärhamn, at the Watercolor Museum, Tjörn municipality
Gallery Arken, Arken Hotel & Art Garden Spa, Gothenburg
AstraZeneca, Gothenburg,
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
Swedish Order of Freemasons, Gothenburg
The County Administrative Board's Art Association, Gothenburg
Kungälv Municipality Art Association
Röhsska Design Museum, Gothenburg