Collection: Lena Lindstrand

The Master of Paintings with Sociological Depth

Lena Lindstrand, a Swedish artist with a strong academic background in the social sciences, has devoted her professional life to sociology and psychology. Despite this, art creation has always been a central and significant part of her life. Lena Lindstrand's artwork explores a colorful mind in action, and the results are often an explosion of experimentation and color. She focuses primarily on creating large paintings and uses various techniques to bring her artistic visions to life.

Her creative process also includes various arts and crafts and ordinary drawings that capture everyday events. In Lindstrand's art, the colors and patterns tell her where her creation should go, and in magical moments they can convey a story to her. Her artistic vision always strives for honesty and authenticity.

Lena Lindstrand has also participated in several exhibitions around Sweden and continues to combine her sociological depth with the creation of colorful works of art.


Individual educations


The Sörmlands salon
MADS Art Gallery in Milan