Collection: Annika Wessmark

Annika Wessmark is an artist with many faces, whose artistic expression follows both her inner and outer needs. She is open to exploring and developing her artistic expression while being able to delve into a specific idea when it catches her interest.

This diversity is reflected in her technique, where the painting shifts between realism and fantasy, as well as between intense color combinations and more restrained black and white palettes.

Sharing her artistic universe, Annika says: "I have so many ideas and combinations that want to be painted, and by doing that I get to show who I am."

Currently, she explores the magic of the gaze and how it affects the viewer. Annika mainly works with acrylic, oil and charcoal in her artistic process. She lives and creates in an old school outside Kil.


Annika is largely self-taught, but over the years has taken several art courses both at university and within various study associations. During the years 2005-2010, she worked as a cultural informant within a municipality but has mainly worked as a dentist alongside his artistry. However, from 2022 she will focus entirely on her art.


Carlstad Art Gallery Karlstad
Galleri Ladan Ljusdal, Art 144 Värmland,
Laxholmen Culture House,
Salon 18
The old power station Deje

Is a member of KRO.