Collection: Björn Nordström

He only uses acrylic paint, water and brushes when he paints. Björn therefore does not use any means to mix out the color or extend the drying time. Björn does not use an airbrush.

What the artist wants to convey with his art is a balance between something beautiful, but at the same time something sad. A feeling that is close to melancholy, but still not quite. But at the same time keep them very neutral. Also keep the works as stripped down and unartistic as possible. Which means that the viewer himself decides how he experiences the works without the artist needing to steer to a specific feeling.

Björn's painting is mainly about conveying a feeling. Therefore, he tries to create the images according to the feelings. He thinks about how he can use light and shadows to create contrasts and thus enhance the feeling he wants to convey. The inspiration can come from people who can convey the facial expressions he is looking for. But mostly it is films of Ingmar Bergman character that Björn is inspired by. There he can often find the feelings that he himself strives to portray.

At a quick sweeping glance over Björn's paintings, you might think they are photographs. The painting is incredibly detailed and perfect. Björn says himself that he is a bit of a perfectionist. He works in acrylic because it is easy to work with and dries quickly. Many who paint like Björn use oil, which makes him deviate a little from the crowd.


Drawing courses at folk university when he was 10 until he was 13 years old


Karlstad Library House
KRUT - Konstrundan in the Ulvsby district. Karlstad
Clarion Hotel Plaza Karlstad
Autumn salon Värmlands Museum (juried) Karlstad
Gallery Arthouse Karlstad
Old Power Station. Dough
Affordable Art Fair. Neck Beach
Autumn salon Kristinehamn art museum (juried) Kristinehamn
Christmas salon Arvika Art Gallery (juried) Arvika
Vårsalongen Liljevalchs (juried) Stockholm
Gallery Mats Bergman (collective exhibition) Karlstad