Collection: Lisa Rinnevuo

Art's Authenticity and Silent Conversation

Lisa Rinnevuo stands out in the art world with a rare authenticity and a unique ability to speak to the viewer through minimalist, but deeply expressive works. Her art is a playful, yet serious exploration of self-confidence and the inner journey towards self-discovery. Rinnevuo does not subscribe to any specific artistic -ism, choosing instead to let her works be a pure and immediate representation of her creative essence – they are, as she puts it, "Lisa paintings."

Using spray paint to create his signature faceless figures, Rinnevuo invites us to fill in the empty spaces with our own stories and interpretations. This technique creates a dialogue between the artist and the viewer, where the unsaid becomes as important as the depicted. By leaving faces incomplete, without noses and mouths, her figures become universal symbols of human emotions and aspirations, while urging us to believe in ourselves and our own unique paths.

Rinnevuo's process is as spontaneous and authentic as her art. Without relying on sketches, she allows each work to develop freely, allowing her art to retain an authenticity and spontaneity that is rare in an age of deliberation and self-censorship. This approach to artistic creation emphasizes the importance of honesty and intuition in the creative process.

Interestingly, Rinnevuo places great emphasis on the backgrounds of her works, where she works layer upon layer to create a feeling or atmosphere that complements the simpler figures in the foreground. This care and attention to detail in the background gives her paintings a depth and complexity that contrasts with the simplicity of the faceless figures.

Lisa Rinnevuo has been a prominent figure on the art scene for more than a decade, with works that are instantly sought after at her openings. It is not only the aesthetic value of her art that attracts collectors, but also the emotional resonance and personal connection that her paintings offer. Owning a "Lisa painting" is more than an investment in art; it is an invitation to an ever-evolving inner conversation, where the viewer constantly discovers new dimensions of both the work and himself.

In a world where art can often feel inaccessible or overanalyzed, Lisa Rinnevuo offers a refreshing reminder of the essence of art: a direct, unmediated communication from the soul of the creator to the heart of the viewer.


South Gallery
Stockholm Art Fair
Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Graphics House in Mariefred
Berns Asian, Stockholm 2010
Bern's nightclub
Illums Bolighus, Copenhagen
Restaurant Zest, Monaco


The Norwegian Arts Council
Örebro County Council
Åsö Health Centre. Stockholm