Collection: Lisa Rinnevuo

The spray painted faces are simple to leave something unsaid to the viewer. But the message is always the same: believe in yourself and what you do. Artist Lisa Rinnevuo's paintings do not belong to any -ism. They are simply Lisa paintings. Daydreamer, city kid and successful artist. For over ten years, Lisa Rinnevuo has been a bright shining star in the artist's sky. Her characteristic spray-painted faces, often without noses and mouths, are hugely appreciated and the paintings sell out within half an hour as soon as she has a vernissage. Because there are many people who want a Lisa painting on the wall.

- My paintings have never fit into any -ism and I don't want that either. I never know where I'm going and I don't work with any sketches. That's why my paintings are always authentic. What I do know is that I want a simple expression and not overwork the figures. However, I can spend a lot of time on the background, where I work a lot with layer upon layer to get the right feeling in the image. But when it comes to the figures, they are welcome to feel a little half-finished in order to leave something unsaid to the viewer.


South Gallery
Stockholm Art Fair
Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Graphics House in Mariefred
Berns Asian, Stockholm 2010
Bern's nightclub
Illums Bolighus, Copenhagen
Restaurant Zest, Monaco


The Norwegian Arts Council
Örebro County Council
Åsö Health Centre. Stockholm