Collection: Emma Jelk

Emma Jelk was born in 1990, and has a background as a tattoo artist and active in the world of computer games, which you can feel traces of in her visual world. Otherwise, she is completely self-taught, she has developed a strong and wayward artistry entirely on her own. She herself writes as follows:

"The only common thread I myself manage to see in my painting is that I want to paint everything.
Maybe because I think I see something in a moment, often an everyday one, something that is experienced as huge in the everyday. And to be able to pick out that particular moment, to be able to study its details is amazing for me.

I need the moments of the great to try to keep the distance from the other.
Darkness, nightmares and the feeling of impending disaster. That feeling chases me through life, and through its constant presence the images emerge as if to create some sort of balance between the dark and the light.

Between despair and joy. Between doom and the breathtaking realization of the greatness of life. A place I can be and stay in.”