Collection: Sirje Papp

Timeless Portrayals of Man and Nature

Sirje Papp, an artist with deep roots in timeless themes, is inspired by fundamental aspects such as human identity, symbiosis with nature and the mysteries of time, space, spirituality and transience. Her paintings become a platform where these overarching themes are explored.

A unique feature of Sirje Papp's artistry is her tendency to depict herself and those close to her. Through the artworks, she not only creates visual representations but also an emotional connection with the viewer. Her work thus becomes not only art but also a reflection of human relationships and experiences.

Sirje Papp's artistic creations stretch beyond the boundaries of the physical and capture the essence of the timeless. Her work invites the viewer on a journey through the fundamental questions of humanity and creates a dialogue between the artist and the viewer about identity, nature and the universal human experience.


Bergh's School of Communication


Gallery Agardh & Thornvall