Collection: Marie Hettwer

Caught in Forgotten Moments

Marie Hettwer, a prominent Swedish photographer, weaves works of art out of staging and captures the beauty of abandoned houses and astonishing remains. Her artistry is deeply rooted in the world of analog photography, where each image tells a story of past moments.

By staging her photographs, Marie creates art that goes beyond the everyday and captures the magic of moments. Her camera becomes a tool to document the beauty of the abandoned, and each image becomes an artistic expression of the ephemeral. With skill and creativity, Marie Hettwer transforms forgotten places into works of art, where each image carries a unique story and a sense of timelessness.


Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Art History
Visual Studies, Gothenburg University
Photography, Higher vocational education, Brobygrafiska


Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Rackstad Museum, Arvika
Arvika Art Gallery
Kristinehamn Art Museum, Kristinehamn
Gallery Thimar/Westling, Karlstad
The mill, Grums
Nau Gallery, Stockholm
Värmlands Museum, Karlstad
Kristinehamn Art Museum, Kristinehamn
Värmlands Museum, Karlstad
Atelier Norberto Moretti, Venice


Värmland Art Association


The Helmia Foundation
Kristinehamns Art Museum's youth scholarship
The Master's Competition / Photo magazine


Alma Löv Museum
Värmland Museum
Kristinehamn Art Museum
Värmland County Council
Karlstad Municipality
Region Värmland
Various private collections