Collection: Saga Bitkover - Norman

She paints with acrylic on wooden panels. Often solitary figures in their own rooms, similar to traditional portraits but they are not portraits of the human exterior..

In a way, you can say that what she portrays is our inner self, what appears in our imaginations, dreams and fantasies. Man, as he is, but not as he looks. It is the inner thing that she wants to bring out and show off. Of course it sounds very pretentious, but isn't it precisely our inner images that art is about? In any case, she wants to try to portray the fascinating myths that reflect man. It is both old and modern ideas that she is fascinated by, both art from Egypt's heyday and the latest horror films. She is influenced by Freud's dream interpretations and paintings by surrealists such as Max Ernst. Everything that she has experienced and thought and seen and dreamed merges and emerges as new images.

She thinks about who she is and who you are. Humans and animals are not so different from each other, she thinks. We want to live and have a good time and eat each other. Our relationship with nature is interesting, we don't understand that we are animals. The world is terrible and very beautiful at the same time. Therefore, she wants to make beautiful paintings and beautiful sculptures that still tell us that we are all complicated beings. In a way, you can say that her visual world is about what really exists, namely our thoughts and our dreams and our qualities.


Fetcó's School of Fine Arts
Idun Lovén Painting School, Stockholm
KV in Lund Ateljélinjen
Stockholm School of Art and Design
Extension courses:
Paper manufacturing
Indoor and outdoor decoration
Watercolor painting
Image analysis and older painting techniques, tempera and putrido
Fine art and mass media in our time 40 points, Lund University


Ystad Museum of Art
Gallery Konstfack
Wadköping Hall Örebro
Theater Gallery Kalmar
Image and Form Västerås
Art and craft workshop Gothenburg
Gallery Loftet Malmö
The art labyrinth Kalmar Art Museum
Gallery Geijer Nybro
Art Forum Norrköping
Gallery Nord Örebro
Theater Gallery Kalmar
Gallery Flygare Åhus
Gallery Ludvig Stockholm
Västerås Artists Association
Gallery Blue Porten Åland
Gallery Blue Gärsnäs
Lilla Art Salon Malmö
Andersböle Kungsgård Åland
Gallery Origo
Gallery Blue, Gärsnäs
Tjörnedalagården, Baskemölla
Barbacka Art Gallery, Kristianstad
Axel Ebbes Art Gallery Trelleborg
Arboga Art Association
Gallery Mittbrodt, Borgholm
Art promotion, Örebro
Gallery Octava Kristianstad
The National Gallery Stockholm