Collection: Kristina Hrafnhildur Plasgård

Boundless Artistry in Textiles, Graphics and Painting

Kristina Hrafnhildur Plasgård is a Swedish/Icelandic artist with a studio in Pukebergs Glasbruk in Småland. She challenges the boundaries between textile design, graphic methods and painting in her works. The art is often built up through a combination of acrylic, oil and watercolor painting, together with the classic printing technique screen printing. Patterns and illustrations are printed directly on the canvas or paper of the painting. This technique has developed a workflow where the two-dimensional surface is considered a collage in the process, rather than a traditional painting.

Kristina's artistry explores different elements and techniques, creating a fusion of colors and shapes. Many of her works are based on a single color or a specific color scale, which creates a creative framework within which she explores and develops her artistry. With a constant effort to break artistic boundaries, Kristina gives viewers an experience that goes beyond the expected and opens up new dimensions in the art world.


Iceland Academy of the Arts, Reykjavik


Liljevalch's spring salon
Landskrona Art Gallery
Private galleries