Collection: Ned Cantrell

A Master of Glassblowing and Pop Art

Ned Cantrell, an accomplished glassblower and artist, born in England but now living in Ebeltoft, Denmark, has dedicated his life to marrying traditional craftsmanship with modern pop culture. His journey towards the art world began in childhood when, around the age of 11, he visited a pop art exhibition that would shape his artistic destiny.

The training took him from experimenting with broken glass in clay vessels to deeper explorations of glass melting in the kiln and finally to the art of glass blowing. He learned from several European masters and developed a unique style that integrates both tradition and modern concepts.

Ned's artistry is imbued with a fascination with pop culture, and his creations captivate people by fusing high culture with popular taste. His objects become a symbiosis of the traditional and the contemporary, which shows his skill and versatility as a glassblower and artist.


Surrey Institute of Art and Design in Farnham, UK