Gallery Mats Bergman: A Journey Through Art Since 1984

In the colorful landscape of the Scandinavian art scene, a gallery stands out not only for its longevity but also for its profound influence on how art is appreciated and experienced. Galleri Mats Bergman , founded in 1984 by the visionary Mats Bergman, has developed from a single venue in Stockholm to a cornerstone within the art community in Sweden and beyond. This blog post explores the gallery's rich past, its current endeavors and its ambitious vision for the future of art.

History of the founding

It all started with Mats Bergman's dream. Tired of the transience of his work as a traveling art dealer, Mats sought to create a space that would serve as a testament to the enduring beauty and power of art. Thus, Galleri Mats Bergman was born in Stockholm, which marked the start of an extraordinary journey.

We meet Mats Bergman at the gallery in Karlstad. He sits on the white hurtch filled with lithographs by various artists.

Why did you start art?

"In the beginning, art for me was a job to pay the bills. Over time, my eyes opened more and more and when I fell into the arms of art, it's what I've been burning for my whole life. There's nothing better than finding it where the golden grain for an artist and to be along for the whole journey," says Mats Bergman.


  • Expansion in Scandinavia : From its original base in Stockholm, the gallery expanded to Karlstad, Malmö, Gothenburg, Helsingborg and more. Over the years, the constellation has looked a little different, but currently the gallery is located in Karlstad and Borgvik.
  • Digital Revolution: Embracing the digital age, Galleri Mats Bergman pioneered online art sales, broadening its reach and making art accessible to a global audience.

Prominent Artists and Collections

The gallery's walls have had the honor of displaying works by some of Scandinavia's most beloved artists, such as Ernst Billgren, Madeleine Pyk and Peter Dahl, while nurturing emerging talents. This mix of established and new underscores the gallery's role as a dynamic force in the art world.

Engagement in the Community and Innovation

Galleri Mats Bergman's commitment to innovation led to early adoption of the online gallery, which set a new standard for how art can be experienced and purchased. This insight has not only expanded the gallery's audience but also solidified its role as a leader in the art community.

Developed with Art

The gallery's philosophy centers around growth and collaboration, creating a nurturing environment for artists at all career stages. This approach has built a diverse and vibrant artistic community around the gallery, making it a hub for creativity and inspiration.

Memorable Moments

One of the gallery's crown jewels was the opening of Borgviks Gård in the summer of 2023, a testament to its innovative spirit and its commitment to creating unique art experiences.

Future vision

Forward-looking, Galleri Mats Bergman strives to make art accessible to all, reflecting the gallery's commitment to enriching lives through art and its belief in the transformative power of creativity.


From its beginnings to the present, Galleri Mats Bergman has been more than just a gallery; it has been a journey – a journey of passion, innovation and dedication to art. As we look to the future, Galleri Mats Bergman continues to inspire, challenge and invite us all to see the world through the transformative lens of art.

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