Collection: Håkan Gidebratt

Håkan Gidebratt, born in 1962 in Karlstad, has devoted himself to drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. For him, painting is both a job and a way to feel good. He has studied art and graphic design at Nyckelvik School and Forsberg School in Stockholm. In addition, he has participated in several art courses at Gerlesborg School in Bohuslän, which has contributed to developing his painting technique.


Studied art at Nyckelvik School.
Art courses at Gerlesborg School in Bohuslän
The civic school in Karlstad has also contributed to developing Håkan's painting
Graphic design at Forsberg School


Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Art break at Karlstad Airport
Central Hospital's library in Karlstad
Stjärnsfors Kvarn in Uddeholm


Gallery Runnevålen in Kil
Hotel FrykenStrand in Sunne
Gallery Panorama in Stockholm,
Tällerud's Hembygdsgård in Ulvsby
Edsvik Art Gallery in Sollentuna
Watercolor salon 2015 and 2016 (juried)
Construction site in the Ulvsbytrakten Värmland

Has, among other things, exhibited at Edsvik Art Gallery's jury-judged "Aquarelle Salon".