Collection: Marie Thorslund

Culturally Woven Landscape

Marie Thorslund, an artist with roots in both France and Sweden, brings with her a wealth of cultural influences and experiences. Living and working in Paris, Marie holds a Master's Degree in Art Theory from the Sorbonne University and a diploma from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués, which infuses her art with deep understanding and creativity.

Through her figurative works on various substrates, especially wood, Marie explores questions of cultural heritage and identity. She creates an artistic dialogue between different codes and icons from different cultures and eras, giving life to paintings that are like cultural woven landscapes.

In her latest works, Marie has highlighted nature as a response to environmental threats. She strives to depict the sacred aura that surrounds nature, and the awareness of its fragile dimension becomes clearer with each brush stroke.

Marie Thorslund regularly shares her art in both Sweden and France, and each exhibition becomes an opportunity for the viewer to delve into the multi-layered layers of cultural and natural heritage that are woven together in her artistry.


University of Sorbonne Paris l, Master degree in Arts and Aesthetics 1994-1997
The Royal University of Fine Arts, Paris 1984-1987
École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et Métiers d'Art, Paris


Galleri Hantverket, Nature & Culture, Stockholm
Gallery Lorentzon, Stockholm
Edvik's constable, Black Star
Arvika art gallery, 3 women in a contrived artistic meeting
Väsby art gallery
Byard Art, Light and shadows, Cambridge
Panncentralen, Mariestad
Gallery K, Västerås
Cité Internationale, Maison de la Suède, Paris
Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris
Gallery fish house, Nyköping
Gallery KC Väst, Gothenburg
Gallery Sander, NP33, Norrköping
Enggården's Gallery, Brunskog
Swedish Art Association Paris, Vårsalongen
Örby Gårds Art Center, Sollentuna
Cité Internationale des Étudiants, Swedish House, Paris
Galerie Jour etNuit Culture, Paris
Rowing house, Vaxhollm
Sätra Brunn, Badhuset, Sala
Lundellska Galleriet, Enköping
De la Jeunesse à L'oeuvre, Chateau de st Ouen, Paris
Salon D'art Contemporaon, Montrouge
University of Paris, L Sorbonne
Galerie la Fugue, Caen
Bernhein Gallery, Panama City
Fiap, Jean Monnet, Paris
Galerie des Franciscains, St Nazaire