Collection: Åsa Öhrn

Åsa Öhrn is a Swedish artist who works in Stockholm.

"During the pandemic, I had the privilege of working at the Björkö art node in Roslagen, an international artist residency. In the meeting with artists from all over the world and with an intensive stay close to nature, these works emerged. At the same time, I processed a big change of a very close relative and went through a separation.Out of the transformation of personal grief and in a world that was faltering more and more collectively and globally, the comfort became approaching the impermanence of nature.

To materialize the invisible. From the two-dimensional collages, which my previous exhibition "Under Influence" consisted of (Gallery Mats Bergman 2020), I started working three-dimensionally in papier-mâché and vitrified clay. Even the ink drawings that I did towards the end of the period took on an organic and pattern-like form. An inside measure, without shell, without protection.

I found quite a lot in nature, including pieces of wild boar skeleton. Ritualistically, I begin to process the remains of the animals, carefully washing them, speaking to them, listening to them, and painting them—and finally joining them into something new. Restoring their existence and thus my own."