Collection: Åsa Öhrn

Åsa Öhrn, a prominent Swedish artist based in Stockholm, has undergone an artistic journey marked by both personal and global upheavals. During the pandemic, she had the privilege of working at Björkö konstnod in Roslagen, an international artist residency. There she met artists from all over the world and found inspiration in the close contact with nature.

During this intense period, marked by both personal grief and global uncertainty, Åsa created works that explore the impermanence of nature. By materializing the invisible, she moved from two-dimensional collages, which were central to her previous exhibition "Under Influence" at Galleri Mats Bergman in 2020, to working three-dimensionally with papier-mâché and vitrified clay. Her ink drawings took on organic and pattern-like forms, symbolizing an interior without shell and protection.

Nature itself became a rich source for Åsa, and among the discoveries she made were pieces of skeleton from wild boar. Through a ritual process, she processed these remains, washing them carefully, speaking to them, listening and painting them. Finally, she united them into something new, restoring their existence and thereby her own. Åsa Öhrn's artistic practice becomes a reflection on change, transformation and comfort in the midst of life's complexity and fragility.