Collection: Mats Åkerman

The creator of The Swedish Union

Come along into the captivating world of Mats Åkerman, the artist behind the imaginative creation "The Swagi Union". Mats gives life to his make-believe country through artwork and words in a way that is both unique and extremely personal. In his book "A LA PRIMA", Johan Hakelius describes Mats Åkerman's artistry as bold and courageous, where he gives his fantasy world a life of its own and lets it develop with surprises and secrets.

Mats Åkerman's fantasy world has its roots in detailed maps that he started drawing as a child. Through sketches, maps, timetables, drawings and paintings, he portrays not only the landscape but also the story that gradually emerges. His lyrics and artwork reveal a vast world with an outlandish cast of characters and complex entanglements that deepen the story.

For Mats Åkerman, the creation of "Den Svagiska Unionen" is not only an artistic exploration but also a journey where he himself discovers new surprises and secrets. His art invites the viewer into a unique world where the boundaries between fantasy and reality are blurred, and where each work of art is a key to a rich and multifaceted story.


Elementary school for artistic education "Grundis"
Stockholm University (art sciences, history of ideas, philosophy, history)
Konstfack, Stockholm
Art teacher training


Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Gallery Mats Bergman, Stockholm
Gallery Dombron, Uppsala
Gallery Strömbom, Stockholm
Gallery Diana, Stockholm
Gallery Överkikaren, Stockholm
Gallery MB, Stockholm
Chateau d'Argenteuil, Waterloo, Belgium
Gallery Profilen, Gävle
The Railway Museum, Gävle
Gallery Agardh & Tornvall, Stockholm
Gallery Kim Anstensen, Gothenburg
Häckeberga Castle/Gallery Final in Skåne
Gallery Nord, Örebro
Gallery Blue, Linköping
Edsvik Art Gallery, Sollentuna
Arboga Art Association
Hedengren's Bookstore, Stockholm
Gallery Fallera, Lidingö
Gallery Nils Åberg, Gothenburg
Gallery Final, Malmö
Art Gallery, Tranås
The Factory, Best Guy
Brukets Målarskola, Blidö
Mollbrinks, Uppsala
Gallery Nils Åberg, Gothenburg,
Väsby Art Gallery, Upplands-Väsby
Galleri Sjöhästen, Lidingö
Karlenström Gallery, Borås


Liljevalch's "Spring salon"
The Culture House in Stockholm
Bukowski's, Stockholm
Väsby Art Gallery
Bollnäs art gallery
Gallery Infra, Upplands-Väsby
Ekerum Art Gallery, Öland
Stockholm Art Fair, Sollentuna/Älvsjö
Art Copenhagen, Copenhagen
Art Helsinki, Helsinki
Edsvik Art Gallery
The coffin fair
Art Anglais, Hotel Anglais, Stockholm
The factory, Bästekille, Skåne
Antique Fair, Älvsjö
Edsvik Art Gallery in Sollentuna
Affordable Art, Stockholm


1990 Mats Åkerman started Bruket's painting school. It is located in the archipelago village of Bruket on southwestern Blidö in the Stockholm archipelago. The teaching concentrates above all on the unique form of landscape painting that the nature of the archipelago offers. Most of the activities are conducted outside, but when the weather permits, our teaching room is available.