Collection: Natalie Jendel

Natalie Jendel is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer based in Huddinge, Stockholm. She has always loved to paint, design and illustrate, whether it was analogue or digital.


With a background in painting with acrylics and watercolors, as well as drawing in charcoal and graphite, she uses similar techniques to traditional painting when creating my digital works.

Natalie is very inspired by people and nature and recurring motifs are precisely people, environments and flowers. She likes to experiment with different motifs, techniques and color combinations and works a lot with color shifts and achieving a certain texture in my works, often with a more muted color palette. It is mainly figurative art but also abstract. She wants to create works that feel calm and peaceful, but with a depth that makes the viewer make their own interpretations, explore and draw connections to their own references and reflect on what the subject says to themselves.


Natalie mainly works digitally in Procreate, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. When it comes to analog tools, she mainly uses ink, pencil, colored pencils and watercolour.

As colors are a great source of inspiration, she works very consciously with my color choices. She strives to convey a feeling, mood or event in my illustrations and design solutions.

Natalie can work widely and has a particular interest in fashion and beauty, nature, interior design, children and social issues.