Collection: Nick Alm

The Artist Who Explores the Natural and Universal

Nick Alm, an artist with a deep desire to convey the natural and universal, extends beyond cultural codes and trends. His artistry does not focus on criticizing or changing society; instead, it primarily targets the inner world of each individual.

Alm's work acts as a portal to the human psyche, exploring the deep, universal aspects of the human experience. By creating works of art that transcend the boundaries of cultural and societal norms, he strives to create a connection to the fundamental and common in every human being.

With an artistic vision imbued with a desire to reach the innermost being of the viewer, Nick Alm creates works that go beyond the exterior and reach into the very core of humanity.


Florence Academy of Art - Mölndal / Florence, Sverige / Italien
KV Konstskola - Göteborg, Sverige
Den Digitala Bildens estetik - Göteborg, Sverige
Estetiska programmet (gymnasiet) - Nässjö, Sverige


Galleri Agardh & Tornvall - Stockholm, Sverige
Galleri Don Clarre - Torekov
Eksjö Museum - Eksjö, Sverige
Galleri Ingela S - Stockholm, Sverige
Galleri Hörle Slott - Värnamo, Sverige
Vetlanda Konstförening - Vetlanda
Galleri Mejan - Hult, Sverige


Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Arcadia Contemporary - USA
Arcadia Contemporary - New York City, USA
MEAM - Barcelona, Spanien
LA Art Show - Los Angeles, USA
Galleri Agardh & Tornvall - Stockholm, Sverige
Galleri Blå - Linköping, Sverige
Galleria d'Arte "La Fancivlla Offerente" - Albanella, Italien
Jäger & Jansson Galleri - Lund
Edsvik Konsthall - Stockholm, Sverige
Porträtt Society of America - Philadelphia, USA
Galleri Ingela S - Stockholm, Sverige
Corsini stall - Florens, Italien
AAF, WH Patterson - London, UK
Corsini stall - Florens, Italien
Bjäremålarna - Båstad
Galleri Scandinavia - Göteborg, Sverige