Collection: Ulf Gripenholm

Ulf Gripenholm was born in Stockholm. Ulf began his artistic career at the age of ten when he was given oil paints by an Italian who, in 1953, was living with the family. So he was born in 1943 and is, in addition to a painter, a draftsman and graphic artist. He was also active as a professor. 1969, and worked as a teacher of drawing, he played drums in the New Orleans Crusaders. In the same year, he sold his Harley Davidson, which had been faithful to him in trips around Europe. During the 70s, Gripenholm was strongly influenced by the horrors that took place in the war in Vietnam.

Today, he is considered one of the titans in Swedish modern art. The painting is characterized by its poetic and mystical elements, abstract figures and evocative nature scenes. As an artist, Gripenholm has often worked with thematic series. The period 63-64 was characterized by motorcycle motifs, the end of the 60s by Gripenholm's characteristic mannequins, the 70s was for him the period of checkered squares and, finally, the bathing scenes that characterized the first half of the 80s.

The artists mentioned as sources of inspiration for Gripenholm are Alberto Giacometti, Giorgio Morandi and Jasper Johns. Among Swedish artists, Bror Hjort has a special place in his heart. Another important source of inspiration is music: all good painting is musical, says Ulf.

His paintings emerge through a disciplined and crooked approach, but without losing empathy for the sake of it. Crooked because the works usually do not end as he initially imagined. The works grow, despite the discipline, through an organic and intuitive process. He is thus a good example that accuracy and discipline are not incompatible with spontaneity. This well-balanced process lies behind his sublimely valuable painting. He often paints in a mixed technique – egg tempera and oil.


Art department (1960-63)
University of the Arts (1963-68)


Café Mejan, University of the Arts, Stockholm
Skövde Art Gallery
Gallery Belle, Västerås
Thielska Gallery, Stockholm
Borås Art Museum
Norrköping Art Museum
County Museum Gävle
Västerbotten Museum, Umeå
Jönköping County Museum
Gothenburg Art Museum
Center de la Gravue et de l´Ímage Imprimee, Belgium
Edmonton Art Gallery, Canada
Aker Brygge, Oslo
Börstorps Castle
Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Lily Valchs
Gallery Argo, Stockholm
Gripsholm Castle
Örebro Art Gallery
Sundsvall's Museum
Gallery Astley
Gallery Art Gallery, Umeå
Gallery Örsta
Gallery Argo, Stockholm
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
Taiwan Museum of Art, Tachung, Taiwan
Gallery JB, Västerås
Gallery Örsta, Kumla
Karby farm, Täby
Stockholm Art Fair
Gallery Astley
Galleri Dianahuset, Norrtälje
Lidingö City Hall
Nyköping Art Association
Södermanland county museum, Nyköping
Gallery Remi, Östersund.
Gerleborg School, Hamburgsund, Bohuslän
Vadstena Art Gallery
Gallery Hoffner, Stockholm
Gävle graphic artist, Gävle
The Flemish Gallery, Borås
Borås Art Museum
Pumphuset art gallery, Borstahusen, Landskrona


Modern Museum, Stockholm
National Museum, Stockholm
The State's Portrait Collection, Gripsholm Castle
Gothenburg Museum
Borås Museum
Sundvall's Museum
Sweden's Riksbank, Stockholm
Lower Manilla, Stockholm
The Norwegian Arts Council
British Museum, London
Knecht Drenth Foundation, Amsterdam
Dutch Royal House