Collection: Ola Arven

Ola Arven was born and raised in Småland. At an early age he found joy in drawing and painting, at the age of 14 he got other priorities and stopped his creation completely.

He later pursued a career in a large international company that took him around the world. He lived in Copenhagen for a few years and then got the opportunity to move to Australia where he got a top position in the company. Here he had the opportunity to work with, among other things, design and interior design. At this stage he also took up painting again. After working in Australia for 3 years, he made the big decision to leave his secure employment with the company and started painting full time instead. During the next 3 years, he had numerous exhibitions, donated paintings to charities, etc. After 6 years in Australia, his visa expired and he was forced to move back to Sweden again. He now lost his inspiration for art and could not paint for a year. In 2017, he got his creativity and inspiration back again and started painting again with great success. In 2017 he had his first solo exhibition in Sweden and has since been fully booked, the biggest event was when he, as the only Swede, was selected for the world exhibition in China in 2018.

Ola gets his inspiration from people he sees or meets in his daily life, this is why he mainly paints people, portraits (pop art) or nudes in his own style. He has tried different techniques over the years, but today he mainly paints in acrylics.