Collection: Ola Arven

An Artist's Journey from Småland to World Exhibitions

Ola Arven, born and raised in Småland, rediscovered his passion for art and painting in adulthood after a period of other priorities. Although he wound up creating in his teens, he returned to art while living and working internationally, particularly during his time in Australia where he also dabbled in design and interior design.

After building a career in a large international company and living around the world, Ola made the bold decision to leave her secure employment and resume her artistry full-time. In the following years he had several successful exhibitions and became involved in charity work by donating paintings. After some time in Australia, he returned to Sweden and experienced a short period of lost inspiration before creativity returned stronger than ever in 2017.

Ola Arven's artistry is characterized by portraits, especially pop art portraits and nude paintings, where he gives his own unique touch to each work. Inspired by people in his daily life, he creates works of art that capture moments and personalities. Over the years he has experimented with different techniques, but acrylic painting has become his main means of expression.

Ola's success as an artist was manifested when he, as the only Swede, was selected for the world exhibition in China in 2018. Since then, he has continued to be a sought-after artist with several solo exhibitions and artistic successes. With inspiration drawn from everyday life and an artistic journey that spans continents, Ola Arven continues to enchant viewers with her unique artistry.