Collection: Sofia Fredriksson

Realistic Art with the Depth of Solitude

Sofia Fredriksson, a realistic oil painter living in southern Sweden, has established herself through her participation in several group exhibitions around the country.

In her artwork, Fredriksson explores a variety of subjects, from portraits and interiors to landscapes and seascapes. Many of her works capture the atmosphere of her immediate surroundings, and her portraits and figurative paintings often depict loved ones, including herself.

Through the use of oil painting as a medium, Fredriksson succeeds in creating works that radiate calm and solitude. Her art encourages the viewer to slow contemplation and introspection, where each brushstroke carries with it a sense of depth and reflection. Sofia Fredriksson's work is an invitation to the viewer to lose themselves in the beauty and calming atmosphere that permeates her artistry.


Degree in Chinese from Uppsala University
Degree in art history
The Swedish Academy for Realistic Art


Spring salon at Galleri Backlund (judged by jury)
Konstrundan at Österlen