Collection: Hanna Dahlbäck

Hanna Dahlbäck, the Swedish artist, has her artistic origins in nature. She captures her subjects outdoors and reflects what she sees on the canvas. She experiences a liberation in being able to explore and portray everything within the framework, which gives the viewer a richer experience. Her art focuses mainly on landscapes from Bohuslän and the mountain world.

Hanna has a long history with painting, from childhood to formal training at both art and design colleges. Despite over 15 years in an architectural office, she has chosen to return to painting. She takes her motifs from the coast and the mountains, and with a dose of Gothenburg humour, she claims that they come from the "best coast" or "toppenställen". For her, the joy of painting and living is an important driving force.


Valand School of Art, Line for free art, (painting) University of Gothenburg
The University of Design & Crafts, the Department of Interior Architecture
Nordic Art School in Karleby, painting, drawing


Art & Antique Fair, at Galleri Melefors
Liljevalch's spring salon
Uppsala Culture Night
Strömsberg mill, Våghuset
Gothenburg Art Museum
The art fair in Älvsjö