Collection: Margaret Gelles

Margareta Gelles has been active as a visual artist for almost forty years. In her art, she bounces between different worlds that she believes are characterized by symbolism, emotional breakdown and/or development. Her favorite quote is by Katja Diehl and it reflects herself perfectly: "I never stop marveling at flawed perfection." She herself says: "I am a person who lives between childhood and adulthood.

Artist Margareta Gelles
Most often, I work with expressing feelings and thoughts from within myself, how I experience the external and internal world.
Often works with structures, layer upon layer in oil.
The combination of the heavy dark and the light light with a sometimes playful ironic tone.

Technique: oil, college, sculptures in composite materials.

Education: Aesthetic folk high school.
Separate courses.

Assignment: Painting for Eskilstuna marketing AB 2005

Public purchases: Eskilstuna municipality
Waterfall Stockholm
Torshälla city administration
Torshälla art association
Eskilstuna art association
Helsingborg art association
Eskilstuna art association
Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital
Södermanland county council
Stockholm County Council
Eskilstuna courier purchase
County council BUP Eskilstuna
Child and adult psychiatry
Skogsängen's primary school
Art director Laguna Gallery of Contemporary art
Eskilstuna municipality family center 2005
Gallery Nord art association
Väsby art gallery
Region Värmland
Karlstad municipality

2004 cultural exchange Riete Italy

Diploma: creative Stockholm as best artist at the Swedish artists exhibition

1998 opening of the mälarbanan promoter Eskilstuna

The world's longest mobile exhibition

Collection exhibitions

1997 art museum park
2001 the foundation Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital
2002 Gallery de Nesle Paris
2003 autumn salon Väsby art gallery
2003 Sörmlandsalongen Eskilstuna art museum
2003 Galleri Sanders Norrköping
2003 the tax authority's art association
2005 Sörmlandsalongen Södertälje art hall
2005 Sörmlandsalongen Eskilstuna art museum
2006 Winter salon, Väsby art gallery
2007 Sörmlands Salonen Eskilstuna Art Museum
2008 Sörmlandsalongen Nyköping art museum

2019 Wasa art gallery in Finland. Sörmlandsalon Eskilstuna
2020 Sörmlandsalongen, Nyköping
2022 Torshälla construction circuit

Separate exhibitions

1998 Gallery New Form
1999 Gallery Northuna Västerås
1999 Ebeling Museum, Torshälla
2000 Gallery Gripen Mariefred
2001 Gallery C, Södertälje
2001 Torshälla art association
2001 Gallery Formspråk, Nyköping
2002 Gallery Tearseus
2002 Gallery VH Gothenburg
2002 Tjuvsbyn art association
2002 HSB art association, Stockholm
2003 Art promotion, Eskilstuna
2003 Gallery Vadskvarn, Västerås
2004 Gallery New Form
2005 Gallery Tearseus
2006 Gallery C, Södertälje
2006 Stenhuset, Surahammar
2007 Lilla Galleriet, Helsingborg
2007 Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2008 Curt Friman Gallery, Vadstena
2008 Gallery Stenlander Stockholm
2009 Gallery Ebeling museum
2010 Gallery Tearseus
2010 Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
2011 Eskilstuna art association
2011 Art fair Sollentuna represented by Galleri Triangle, Sigtuna
2012 Gallery Curt Friman, Vadstena
2013 Ebeling Museum
2013 Volvo trucks art association Eskilstuna
2014 Eskilstuna Art Museum
2015 Gallery KC-Väst, Gothenburg
2016 Lovren Paris
2017 Virsbo art gallery
2017 Formworks Eskilstuna
2019 Affordable Art Fair Nacka fair. Represented by Galleri Sjöhästen.
2019 Steninge Castle
2019 Art promotion Västerås
2022 Galleri Väsby Magazine
2022 Gallery Mats Bergman
2022 Gallery Aghard&Tornvall
2022 gallery the seahorse
2022 Mälar Hospital's art association

Upcoming exhibitions

Oxelösund art and culture association
Wäsby Magasin