Collection: Lisa Abelsson

Dance and Fashion as the Language of Art

Lisa Abelsson is an artist whose life and work are deeply rooted in the scenic and inspiring environment of Österlen. After spending some formative years in Paris as a youth, Abelsson has developed an artistic practice characterized by a passion for dance, fashion and people's personal stories. These elements are clearly present in her work and give her art its unique character and depth.

Paris, with its rich cultural history and vibrant art life, has had a lasting impact on Abelsson's artistic expression. The city is known for its influence on the careers of many artists, and for Abelsson his time there became an invaluable source of inspiration. The dynamism of dance and the changing nature of fashion serve as a metaphor for human emotions and relationships in her work, providing a vibrancy and movement that captures the viewer's attention.

By exploring fate and personal stories in his work, Abelsson creates art that is both accessible and deeply moving. Her ability to capture the essence of human experience, sometimes with a subtle hint of the larger themes that shape our lives, makes her work a reflection of the universal emotions that bind us together.

Working in Österlen, a place known for its light and landscape that attracts artists and creators, Abelsson finds an unimaginable source of inspiration. The beauty of the landscape and the creative community there certainly have a nurturing effect on her work, allowing her to continue to explore and express herself through her art.

Lisa Abelsson's art is a celebration of the dynamism of life and the beauty of human interaction. Through her eyes we see the world around us in new ways, enriched by the movement of dance, the transformations of fashion and the countless stories that people's destinies weave together.


Self-taught with a few courses here and there along the way. But above all, have learned through hard work.

Course in drawing and painting Art School in Stockholm
Crooking courses at the National Museum
Sculpture courses at the National Museum and Folkuniversitetet
Courses in concrete, plaster and graphics Folkuniversitetet
The Great Art Course at Folkuniversitetet


Österåkers Art Hall, "Dresses from my imagination"
Norrviken's gardens, Båstad
Kabusa Art Gallery
Gallery Final
The factory in Bästekille, Konstrundan in Österlen
Marsvinsholm Castle, the art park in Österlen
Affordable Art Fair, London, Stockholm and Amsterdam
Kronovalls Vinslott Project manager and curator for the sculpture park and the exhibitions at the castle
Hägernäs Strands Galleri, Stockholm exhibition with Viktoria Tikhomirova
Jäger & Jansson, Lund, exhibition with Emil Olsson
Nordic Art, Stockholm, collective exhibition
The Art Gallery in Åhus and Galleri Blå in Hällevik
Konstrundan at Österlen, Kronovall's wine castle
Hägernäs Strand's Gallery
Gallery Stationshuset Falsterbo
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
Gallery Backlund, Gothenburg
Salary accommodation in Gladsax Konstrundan in Österlen
Scandic Park hotel, Stockholm
Stockholm Art Salon
Spannstallet Kronovalls Vinslott
The Roddarhuset sculpture park, Vaxholm
Foko Sturegalleria
Vaxholm's Spring Salon
Foko Mood mall
Åkersberga Spring Salon