Collection: Ylva Molitor-Gärdsell

Ylva has worked as an artist since the beginning of the century. During the first years, interspersed with an art teaching position at junior high school and as a teacher at IHM Business School for international students. Today, Ylva combines her artistry with arranging courses in watercolor and mixed media.

Ylva has a driven, elegant and sophisticated watercolor painting that touches and gives harmony. She draws her inspiration from nature and takes with her the colors, moods and feelings it conveys. Gradually, silhouettes of people and animals have crept into the images. Sometimes she paints expressive portraits of fictional, strong and independent women. Strong and humorous personalities can also be found in the collages.

For Ylva, painting is her way of relating to life. She has a strong desire to invite the viewer into an exciting, beautiful and slightly crazy world. An important role model was the family's artist Hans Viksten, who later became a professor at the School of Art in Stockholm and who urged her not to stop drawing and painting, even though as a young person she chose the School of Economics over the School of Art.


Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän - Studies for Arne Isacsson and others.


Gallery Kim Anstensen, Gothenburg
Galleri Sjöhästen, Nyköping
Galleri Gustafsson, Trollhättan
Gallery Eva Solvang, Stockholm
Gallery Sladdergatan 16, Ystad
Sjömagasinet, Gothenburg
Gallery Abante, Stockholm
Atelier Ekberga Österlen
Gallery Fågel, Beddingestrand
Boat & Maritime Museum, Onsala
First Gallery, Gothenburg
Gallery SK, Gothenburg
The mill, Torshälla
Björholmen's Marina Art Gallery, Tjörn
Chateau d'Argenteuil, Waterloo Belgium
Gallery La Fleuriste, Gothenburg


Sörmland County Council
Värmland County Council
Region Örebro County
Trollhättan Municipality
Friends of the Nordic Watercolor Society
Älvkarleby Municipality
as well as by a large number of art associations.