Collection: Annethe H Østensen

Annethe H Østensen has allowed herself to be inspired by the surface structures and content of the city's many walls. Through painting and collage on canvas, Østensen creates his own walls. They are colorful and full of details – bits of little stories. At the same time, they contain large white parts, a la Japanese mu - "empty spaces" - which open up for interpretation and give a harmonious expression. The days are getting brighter. Will Annethe be affected by the seasons in my paintings?

It's spring and the snow is melting and the days are getting longer - then the lighter palette comes forward; lots of light, a little more blue, orange, yellow and some green. When it is now heading towards a darker season, it is enough to influence my paintings in the form of more earthy tones and a darker expression.


Asker Fine Arts School - Del Kurs grafik
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Kurser i fotografi målning av Stephane Tharaldsen, Steg 1
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