Collection: Weronika Hagerling

She is an artist from Gothenburg now living in Skränna, Dalsland. Her art is colorful and full of strong women who should inspire to dare more in life. As a friendly reminder that you deserve to express yourself and dare to dream about wonderful things.

In the world of art, anything is possible and she wants to spread that feeling. She has painted all her adult life and loves colors, it is the colors and their fantastic combination possibilities that are her passion in painting. Recurring motifs apart from the ladies are vegetation and flowers. During certain periods, she enjoys sitting with a white paper and letting the lines of the black marker become motifs. It's exciting because she never knows before she paints what it will be in the end. Her creation is very intuitive and free. It is important for her to maintain the great joy that painting brings, both for her and for those who experience her art.


Trained fashion designer (H&M, Gina Tricot and most recently Lindex)


Liljevalch's spring salon
Gallery Marika Lang
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm