Collection: Weronika Hagerling

Colorful Art that Inspires and Encourages

Weronika Hagerling, an artist from Gothenburg, now living in Skränna, Dalsland, gives life to the art world with her colorful works. By filling her creations with strong women, she inspires the viewer to dare more in life. Her art serves as a friendly reminder that every individual is worthy of expressing themselves and daring to dream big.

In Weronika's art, everything is possible, and she strives to spread this sense of unlimited possibilities. Painting has been a constant in her adult life, and the colors, with their fantastic combination possibilities, constitute the very passion of her artistry. In addition to the strong female figures, motifs of vegetation and flowers are often found in her works. During certain periods she prefers to sit with a white paper and let the lines of the black ink take shape intuitively, which adds an extra dimension of tension as the result is unknown before the brush leaves the paper.

Weronika Hagerling's work is characterized by intuition and freedom. A central part of her artistry is to preserve the great joy that artistic expression brings, both for herself and for those who experience her artwork.


Trained fashion designer (H&M, Gina Tricot and most recently Lindex)


Liljevalch's spring salon
Gallery Marika Lang
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm