Collection: Anna Ileby

Anna Ileby previously defined herself solely as an illustrator but now embraces the role of artist primarily and still takes on illustration assignments, but now sees painting as her main calling. She retains her love for the details of the illustrations and the special scent of pencils, but feels that combining this with the freedom of painting constitutes the perfect symbiosis.

Born in 1984 in Värmland and current resident of Småland, Anna has two sons who are fluent in Småland. She appreciates the balance between traveling to Stockholm for inspiration while at the same time needing Småland's tranquility to be able to immerse herself undisturbed in her illustrations, beyond subways and dumplings.

Anna considers herself a loner and finds greater expression through writing than speaking. She prefers painting to socializing and has a particular penchant for portraying portraits, redheads, twinkling eyes and full eyebrows.


Educated visual artist at Gerlesborg School in Bohuslän, among others
Pernby's Painting School in Stockholm


Blickfänget, the Gummifabriken in Värnamo
Ulvsbygården, Karlstad


Member of the Illustrators Center and Swedish cartoonists