Collection: Anna Ileby

Anna Ileby previously saw himself only as an illustrator but now calls himself primarily an artist. Still takes illustration assignments but sees painting as his main calling. Love the details of illustration and the smell of pencils, but mixing it with the freedom of painting is the perfect combination. Born in 1984 in Värmland, but has been living in Småland for a few years now and thus has two sons who speak Småland. She likes the mix of going to Stockholm and being influenced, but she needs the tranquility of Småland to be able to draw undisturbed, without subway runs and dumplings.

Anna is a loner who would rather write than talk and paint rather than socialize. Loves to draw portraits, redheads, twinkling eyes and bushy eyebrows.


Educated visual artist at Gerlesborg School in Bohuslän, among others
Pernby's Painting School in Stockholm


Blickfänget, the Gummifabriken in Värnamo
Ulvsbygården, Karlstad


Member of the Illustrators Center and Swedish cartoonists