Collection: Zeon Milo

Zeon Milo is an artist based in Borås, Sweden where his studio is located. Recently, a variety of expressions in the form of abstract color explosions have become more and more the subject of his portrait paintings, preferably on larger canvases. Nowadays, the artist often uses his abstract paintings as an exciting background for his portraits, which then take on an extra dimension.

A portrait always becomes so much more interesting if there is something behind it that creates texture and and unexpected color combinations in unexpected areas of the canvas. His portraits are usually based on real people. What exactly the artist is looking for when choosing subjects for his portraits is unclear, but judging by his earlier portraits, there is often a calmness to them that is hard to pin down. Abstract painting is close to the artist's heart. Just being able to scoop all possible colors and see where the impulsiveness leads, a larger canvas is a must.


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