Collection: Lasse Åberg

Versatile Artist and Creator

Lasse Åberg is a prominent Swedish graphic designer, artist, film director, screenwriter, musician and actor. He has left his mark in a variety of artistic fields and is known for his many talents.

Åberg is particularly remembered for his roles as Trazan Apansson and for his work as a director and actor in "Sällskapsresan" and its sequel. In art, he has mainly made himself known for his Mickey Mouse-themed pastiches. His skill as an artist is reflected in these works, where he explores and plays with Disney themes.

In addition to his artistry, Lasse Åberg is also a passionate collector of objects related to Mickey Mouse and is considered an expert in the Disney world. His commitment also extends to having been the host of the TV program "Disneytime" in the fall of 1987, which was the forerunner of the later Disney Days program. Lasse Åberg continues to be a versatile and influential personality in art and entertainment.