Collection: Plura Jonsson

Multitalent from Norrköping

Plura Jonsson is a prominent Swedish artist, songwriter, singer, guitarist and author, born and raised in Norrköping.

Artistry: Plura Jonsson is known for his versatile artistry that spans various art forms. His work spans painting and other forms of artistic expression, reflecting a deep creative breadth.

Music career: In addition to her artistry, Plura Jonsson has made a significant impression as a musician. He is the core of the rock band Eldkvarn, where his role as songwriter, singer and guitarist has cemented the band's place in Swedish music history.

Authorship: Plura Jonsson has also shown off her writing by being an author. His literary works carry the same deep artistry and unique voice as his music and art.

Norrland roots: Despite his success, Plura Jonsson has maintained strong ties to his hometown Norrköping, and his artistry is characterized by the Norrland roots.

Plura Jonsson's artistry is a multifaceted journey through various art forms and continues to inspire and touch a wide audience.




Gallery Stockholm
Agueli Gallery, Stockholm
NK, Stockholm
Helsingborg Concert Hall, Helsingborg
Gallery Rönnquist & Gallery Rönnquist, Malmö