Collection: Kersti Rågfelt Strandberg

The artist Kersti Rågfelt Strandberg explores the world of art through mainly two media - watercolor and graphics. With these two techniques, she creates works of art that bear unique expression and character.

The watercolor technique, characterized by its transparent and water-based colors, allows Kersti to create paintings with soft transitions and subtle shades. It is an art form that requires precision and sensitivity, and Kersti has mastered the art of capturing the beauty of the moment with this technique.


Has studied drawing, oil, watercolor and graphics for various professional artists.


Japan, South Korea, Belarus, Kaliningrad, Poland, Scotland, France, Ireland, Shetland Islands, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Canada


The cultural prize Eklövet in Södertälje
Strängnäs Culture Scholarship
The Nordic Watercolor Society's watercolor scholarship
Artists' Committee
The Karlskoga Municipality Art Scholarship in memory of Alfred Nobel 2018.


Telgebostäde in Södertälje
Stiftsgården in Skellefteå
Länsförsäkringar in Luleå
Söderenergi's Igelstaverk.


The Norwegian Arts Council
The Swedish Parliament
Strängnäs Museum
Norrköping Art Museum
Kalininrad State Art Museum
Krakow SMTG Museum Collection
Printmaking Museum of Duoro, Portugal
State Art Collection Dublin, Ireland
County councils and municipalities around Sweden.


Member of KRO, Swedish Artists' Association, Södertälje Artists' Circle, Swedish Artists, Grafik I Väst, Graphic Society and Graphics House.
A number of graphics publications, such as for Art Promotion, Ericsson's Art Society, JFF's art association, Trygghetsrådet's Art Society, Art Club Våga See graphics edition, Norrköping Municipality's art association, Grafiska Sällskapet's Jubilee portfolio (2010) and the Grafiska Sällskapet's portfolio in 2016.