Collection: Mikael Persbrandt

The Meeting Between Acting and Art

Mikael Persbrandt, born in 1963 in Jakobsberg, is more than just a world-class actor. Beyond the big screens, he opens up another world as an artist and the art critics have let their praise be heard.

Persbrandt's artistic talent extends beyond the acting profession and has created a place for him in the art world. His works have received praise from recognized art critics and have been regarded as significant contributions to contemporary art.


Lars Lerin Sandgrund, Karlstad


Persbrandt runs a company in acting (Cambo Productions AB) and previously also one in event racing (Cambo Racing AB). Since May 2012, he is also a co-owner of the private theater Maximteatern in Stockholm. Mikael Persbrandt is a member of the board of two companies, one that runs securities trading (Zenith Group AB) and a company that runs real estate leasing (Zenith Incubator AB). These two companies are part of a group called Zenith Group Holding AB where Mikael Persbrandt has no board position.