Collection: Özlem Curtis

The Harmony of Nature in Özlem Kertiş Abstract Paintings

Özlem Kertiş , born in 1980 in Istanbul, brings a rich experience as an art and ceramics teacher to his artistry. Her abstract paintings reflect a harmonious fusion of art and the inspiring forces of nature.

With a palette of abstract shapes and color tones, Kertiş lets nature guide his artistry. Each brush stroke is a journey through the landscape of abstraction, where the viewer is invited to interpret and experience the artworks in a personal way.

Her work creates an artistic dialogue between abstraction and natural inspiration, and each painting becomes a unique expression of the artist's creative resonance with the environment. Özlem Kertiş's abstract art enriches the art world by offering a visual symphony of color and form, where the beauty of nature and the freedom of abstraction unite in an artistic dance.


Marmara University Painting Department
Art therapy training by the Art and Psychology Association


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