Collection: Lena Appel

Lena Appel is from Norrahammar but lives in Nyköping. The artist's ambition is to shed light on the fact that we are all different and need different things in order to grow and develop into the unique individuals we are meant to be. With her pictures, she wants to arouse thoughts and convey strength and inspiration. The artist uses mixed media, mainly on paper and canvas. Consciously mixes different materials, and through her great interest in gardens and nature, she creates naturalistic depictions and completely new species. In this way, it becomes a rich flora of differences and characters.


School of Art, Umeå University 1990-1995
Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo 1993-1994
ABF's Art School, Umeå 1986-1988


Eskilstuna Art Museum
Culturum, Nyköping
Gallery K, Oxelösund
Konstrundan, Sörmland
Mårtens Hus, Nyköping
Konstrundan Sörmland
FORUM, Nyköping
Nicolai Church, Nyköping
Norrtälje Art Gallery
Räddabarnen Gala, Nyköping
Do you have a room, Vattengränd, Nyköping
Project Street Art, Katrineholm
Stjärnhov, Nyköping
Generator, Nyköping
Culture house Ängeln, Katrineholm
Falun Art Week, Falun
Culture house Ängeln, Katrineholm
Gallery Fiskhuset, Nyköping
Church project, Flen
Ebeling Museum, Torshälla, Eskilstuna
Gallery Rostrum, Malmö
V.art09, Värnamo
Art break, Katrineholm
Gallery Handmade, Nyköping
Multeum, Strängnäs
Gallery Kronan, Norrköping
Box Gallery, Eskilstuna Museum
Skåne Art Association, Malmö
Nynäs Castle, Nyköping
Gallery Formverk, Nyköping
Liljevalchs Art Gallery, Stockholm
Publication Rollon
Eskilstuna Museum, Eskilstuna
Södertälje Art Gallery, Södertälje
Brewery, Nyköping
Liljevalch Art Gallery, Stockholm
Färgfabriken, Stockholm
County Museum, Gävle
Sandviken Art Gallery, Sandviken
Forsbacka Mill, Sandviken
Art Gallery, Sandviken
Gallery Ynglingagatan, Stockholm
Capital of Culture year, Stockholm
Gallery FC, Malmö
Gallery Rotor, Gothenburg
Norrtälje Art Gallery, Stockholm
Gallery Ömalm, Stockholm
Gallery Index, Stockholm and Gothenburg
Gallery Andreas Brändström, Stockholm
The Bildmuseet, Umeå
Gallery 61, Umeå


Municipality of Nyköping
Katrineholm municipality
Umeå municipality
Gävle municipality
Södertälje municipality
Eskilstuna municipality
Södermanland County Council
Sparbanken Sörmland
Gävle Art Centre
Norrtälje Art Gallery
Åsa Folk High School
Nyköping Folk High School


Myntan retirement home
Municipality of Nyköping
Nyköping Hospital
Sörmland County Council
Nyköping Folk High School


County council Sörmland's cultural scholarship
Nyköping Municipality's Cultural Scholarship
Sandviken municipality's cultural scholarship
Märta Hähnel's memorial fund
Ax:son Jonsson's fund