Collection: Anders Moseholm

At the end of the 1980s, art critics and professors at the academy said that painting was dead. The more they repeated it, the more it made him doubt. The impossible mission attracted him. The challenge for Anders was to mix conceptualism and formalism - to create a subsequent work of art with both, the artist has experimented with representation in figure painting. Twisting historical, geographical location-specific references fascinate Anders Moseholm. He tries and remixes images along with his imagination to create his art. Most of all, he experiences 3 dimensions: the concrete color, the subject and the reflection of reality. Old interiors challenge him. These motifs deal with the concept of Das Unheimliche as Freud called it. You experience something you think you know, but at the same time it's some unknown opportunity that scares Anders. Cozy and scary at the same time, like a landscape in a Hitchock film.


(1989-96) Royal Danish Academy of Arts
(1994-96) MA (Ph.D.)
(1994) School of Visual Arts, New York


Art Projects International, New York
Gallery Specta, Cph.-DK
Gentofte Art Library .- DK
Galerie Leger, Malmö, SE
Gallery Specta, Cph.- DK
Gallery Franz Pedersen - DK
Galerie Leger, Malmö - SE
Gallery Birthe Laursen, Paris
Gallery Specta, Cph.- DK
The Papierfabrik, Neumünster, Germany
Gallery Franz Pedersen - DK
Gallery Army, Malmö - SE
Galerie Avenue, Gothenburg - SE
Galerie Birthe Laursen, Paris
Lost City Arts, New York
Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, Tallinn - Estonia
Gallery Specta, cph.-DK
Galleri Läkare, Malmö - SE
Gallery Susan Nielsen - Paris
Gallery Avenue, Gothenburg - SE
Gallery Franz Pedersen - DK
Sophienholm Museum and Vejle Art Museum DK
Gallery Army Sweden
Gallery Franz Pedersen DK
Galerie Avenue Gothenburg - SE
Hans Alf Galley - Cph DK
Grenen Art Museum - Skagen DK
Gallery Franz Pedersen - DK
Gallery Genesis - Athens Greece
Gallery Ingela S - Stockholm - SE
Gallery Army - SE
Hans Alf Galley - Cph DK
Devin Borden Gallery - Houston - USA
Underdog Gallery - London - GB
Gallery Agardh & Tornvall - Stockholm - SE


Kunstsalen Brandts Klædefabrik - DK
INTERCAMBIO, Barcelona .- Spain
Sylvia White Gallery, New York and Los Angeles
Randers Museum of Art .- DK
Vejle Museum of Art .- DK
Randers Museum of Art - DK
Center Cultural Andratx, (Asbæk Gallery) Mallorca - Spain
Gallery Birthe Laursen, Paris
Free Exhibition Building Cph - DK
Shenzhen Guan Shan-Yue Art Museum - Shenzhen-China
Moseholm-Moseholm - Johannes Larsen Museum - Dk