Collection: San Lundberg

Dialogue through Color, Form and Expression

San Lundbergs is the artist who lets his own language speak through color, form and expression. Through painting and ceramics, she creates an art world where humans are at the center, and above all women, who have been born from her hands and come alive in both painting and sculpture.

With oil and clay, natural materials that bind her to her origins, Lundbergs returns again and again to the core of her artistic exploration. She regards humans as her primary motif and portrays them with a special feeling and presence in her works. Her art becomes a journey into the interior, where her own reflections become part of a universal language that others can understand.

By exploring the human landscape, Lundberg's art becomes a mirror of the present. Her surroundings are reflected through her eyes, and the viewer is invited to meet and be met in her depiction of the world she sees around her. The artist navigates smoothly between image and form, uses different materials and forms of expression to communicate his vision.

San Lundberg's artistry thus becomes a dialogue, a conversation between creator and viewer, where the unique language of color, form and expression becomes the medium for a rich and multifaceted communication. Her work becomes an invitation to explore and understand, and thereby the artist becomes a storyteller and a translator of the human into the language of art.


Gallery Mats Bergman, Stockholm
Spring salon at Tallbacken
Gallery Abante, Stockholm
Galleri Lindberg, Luleå
Gallery Skåda, Luleå