Collection: Mimi Kandler

A Narrator in the World of Art

Mimmi Kandler , a versatile artist, actor and audiobook reader, creates an enchanting world where stories take shape on the screen. With roots in self-taught artistry, Mimmi has explored many creations over the years, but oil painting is the medium that truly captured her heart.

The first brush stroke on the oil canvas took place in 1990, and since then Mimmi has refined her artistic talent and ability to weave together stories through color and form. The year 2021 marked an important milestone in her career when she entered into collaboration with art galleries and exhibited her works officially for the first time.

Mimmi's art is deeply rooted in storytelling. Her work is characterized by an ability to capture moments and create narrative landscapes. Through oil painting, she creates images that not only please the eye but also evoke emotions and thoughts in the viewer.

Not only an artist on the screen, but also a skilled actor and audiobook reader, Mimmi is a storyteller in every sense. Her art and voice merge to create an enchanting experience for those who partake of her work.

Mimmi Kandler has not only left her mark on the canvas, but also in the art world as a whole. With several appearances at exhibitions and media attention, Mimmi has established herself as an artist to keep an eye on. Her journey as an artist and storyteller continues to explore new horizons and bring to life worlds that only art can create.