Collection: Robert Stålbro

Multi-artist with Photographic and Musical Skills

Discover the artist and musician Robert Stålbro, a Karlstad-based talent with roots in Värmland.

Photographic Art: Robert Stålbro stands out as a skilled photographer, where his lenses capture the moments of the urban landscape. He specializes in dark urban scenes, bathed in the subdued light of street lamps and windows. Using acrylic and oil on canvas, he transforms these scenes into artful depictions of the evening fog, often featuring solitary figures wandering the streets.

Musical Talent: Not only an artist behind the camera and paintbrush, but also an accomplished musician. Robert Stålbro grew up in Karlstad and immersed himself in music studies at Sundsta high school. His musical journey has been significant, and it was only in 2014, after a period of intense touring in Europe (2003-2014), that he returned to art through brush and palette.

Dark City motifs and Evening fog: Stålbro's art captures the mood of the city as night approaches. Dark, evocative urban motifs are mixed with the subtle glow of the city's lighting, and the result is an artistic tribute to the evening fog.

Artist and Musician in Värmland: After his extensive travels, Robert Stålbro has found home in Väse, where he devotes almost all of his time to art. His atelier and music studio are now the hub of his creative exploration and artistic expression.

Robert Stålbro, with his unique fusion of photographic skill and musical talent, creates art that not only catches the eye but also touches the soul.




Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad
The Wall of Art
Gallery Ekdahl, Karlstad
Hammarö Art Gallery