Collection: Maura Tavares

Master of People and Paintings

Join us on an artistic journey with Maura Tavares, a versatile artist with a wide experience in various artistic fields. From sculpture, bookbinding and woodwork to textile technology and forging in various metals, Maura has explored and immersed herself in the various disciplines of art.

After training at The Florence Academy of Art, Maura has flourished as an artist and has been working professionally since 2016. Her focus is on traditional drawing and oil painting, where she particularly devotes herself to portraits of people. Maura finds inspiration in interpreting the world around her through her paintings, and her works carry a timeless beauty while capturing the moment and feeling of the current era.

Maura Tavares' passion for depicting people is reflected in her many compositions, where work, love and meaning are depicted through the prism of art. She has also explored new techniques, including live painting sessions where she creates art in real time at events, workplaces or in people's homes.

In addition to her artistry, Maura shares her knowledge as a teacher of literature, writing and theater at Kristofferskolan in Stockholm. Her artistry spans many spheres and creates a rich and multifaceted experience for the viewer and participants in her live painting sessions. Maura Tavares is a master of people and paintings, and her artistic journey continues to fascinate and inspire.


The Florence Academy of Art, Italy


Hotel Reimersholme
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Carousel, Gustaf Adolf square
Munkbron 5, Gamla Stan


Workshops and studies with Paula Rubino, Odd Nerdrum and The Swedish Academy of Realist Art