Collection: Maura Tavares

Maura Tavares has always painted and early in life received a broad education in various artistic fields such as sculpture, bookbinding, woodwork, textile technology and forging in various metals. Since her training at The Florence Academy of Art, she has painted on and off with many different techniques. Maura has been a professional artist since 2016, when she had reached a point where she wanted to deepen her realistic painting. Maura has gradually established herself as a painter focusing on traditional drawing and oil painting. Her passion lies in painting people – to interpret the world around her through her paintings. Most of her compositions involve people, but she also often works with landscapes and still lifes. Rendering people working on what they love, or surrounded by objects that have meaning in their lives, is something that inspires Maura.

It is timeless, but it also reflects the times we live in right now. The artist works a lot with portrait commissions of various kinds, and a new technique she has developed recently is live painting sessions where she portrays people at events or in their workplaces or in their homes. Along with her painting, she teaches literature, writing and theater at Kristofferskolan in Stockholm.


The Florence Academy of Art, Italy


Hotel Reimersholme
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Carousel, Gustaf Adolf square
Munkbron 5, Gamla Stan


Workshops and studies with Paula Rubino, Odd Nerdrum and The Swedish Academy of Realist Art