Collection: Sanna Emanuelsson

She started as a TV photographer at Sveriges Television in Falun in 1992. Then in 1997 she moved to Värmland and SVT Karlstad. After 16 years as a TV photographer, she switched gears and became a still photographer. She has worked at both Värmlands Folkblad and Nya Wermlands Tidningen.

After a few years as a press photographer, Sanna moved to Degerfors, where she currently works as a Technical Photographer in Karlskoga. She spends much of her free time out in the woods where she tries to find subjects that other people miss, because they are usually lying down and sleeping when she is out.

"I have photographed everything between heaven and earth during my years as a TV/press photographer. But I always return to nature. It's amazing and I'd like more people to realize that."

Because she works on a protected site, she has miles of wild nature all to herself. Lakes, ponds, wild animals and untouched nature. The best she knows is bad weather, blizzards, fog and early mornings before the sun has risen.

"That's when you get to experience the absolute best of nature. It's so fascinating to see a completely different world when you know that most people are sleeping. I usually come back home when it's breakfast time for others" With her pictures, she wants people to understand how beautiful and vulnerable our nature is.

She continues:

"Today it is more important than ever that we take good care of it, we only have one and it is irreplaceable"

The favorite camera is the Nikon D850 and an 80-400 lens. Sanna's nature pictures became SAAB's choice among the works of several other artists when the head office in Karlskoga was to be decorated.