Collection: Sanna Emanuelsson

From TV Photographer to Nature's Narrator: A Photographic Journey through Forest and Snowstorms

Sanna Emanuelsson began her career as a TV photographer at Sveriges Television in Falun in 1992. After spending fifteen years as a TV photographer, where her lens captured the moments on picture tubes and screens, she took a drastic turn and became a still photographer. The move to SVT Karlstad in 1997 marked a new phase in her photographic journey.

After 16 years as a TV photographer and with a technical eye for image composition, Sanna switched to still photography and began working for Värmlands Folkblad and Nya Wermlands Tidningen. Her varied subjects and expertise in telling visual stories soon made her well known in press photography.

After a few years as a press photographer, Sanna took the next step in her career and moved to Degerfors. Today she works as a technical photographer in Karlskoga, where she has access to challenging and untouched nature, including lakes, ponds and wildlife. Working on a protected site has given her access to miles of nature that most other people rarely get to see.

Sanna's passion for nature extends beyond the working day. She spends much of her free time out in the forest and tries to capture the beauty of nature in pictures. For her, bad weather, blizzards and fog are the optimal shooting weather. Early mornings before the sun rises give her the opportunity to explore another world, a world that most people sleep through.

Her favorite camera, a Nikon D850 with an 80-400 lens, becomes the tool to convey nature's beauty and vulnerability. Sanna's pictures have also had the honor of adorning the walls of SAAB's head office in Karlskoga, where they have been selected from among the works of several artists to reinforce the company's environmentally conscious and beautiful workplace. Through her images, Sanna strives to awaken an understanding of the beauty and value of nature, and underlines the importance of nurturing and protecting the only nature we have.