Collection: Arnold Hagstrom

Arnold Hagström is a versatile visual artist and graphic artist, educated at the long-standing graphics school Forum in Malmö. This unique school played a decisive role in revitalizing art life not only in Malmö but throughout Sweden and also internationally. Arnold specializes in etching and digital techniques in his artistic work.

His artistic expression is figurative and characterized by strong compositions with animals and objects, which merge with recognizable patterns. In addition to his artistry, Arnold has also been involved in educational activities at Malmö Academy of Art.


School of Graphics Forum
Munka Ljungby Folk High School
Forum Malmö School of Graphics


Gallery Glemminge
Graphic Society, Stockholm
Nord Gallery, Nyköping
Gallery Edition, Hylteberga
Colon Gallery, Floby
Gallery Bergman, Helsingborg
Gallery Moment, Ängelholm
Gallery Bergman, Karlstad
Gallery Bergman, Malmö
Gallery Bergman, Stockholm
Gallery Bodek, Hannover, Germany
Gallery Lindqvist, Bromölla


Skåne Art Association Autumn Salon
Malmö Museum
Gallery F15 Moss, Norway
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
Gothenburg Art Museum
Graphics Triennale, Ljubliana
4th Lund Biennale
Graphica Kreativa, Jyväskyla, Finland
Nord Gallery, Nykoping
Malmö Art Gallery
Swedish Institute, Istanbul, Turkey
Swedish Institute, Dublin, Ireland
Liljevalch's annual salon
Graphics Triennale, Stockholm
Sollentuna fair Stockholm
House of Art, Luleå
Gallery Bodek, Hanover, Germany
Graphics Triennale Umeå
Gallery Bass
Gallery BWA Lods, Poland


National Museum
The Norwegian Arts Council
Malmö Museum
Gothenburg Art Museum
Malmöhus County Council
Kristianstad County Council
Östersund Municipality
Culture in the County


Östra Sjukhuset, Malmö