Collection: Julia Olofsson

Julia investigates how environments are affected by human presence or activity. Environments where people have left an imprint on a specific place. Small fragments of human energy, but as waning. Areas and environments that she has visited become references in her work, it is important for her to be physically in these places as she documents and creates a deeper experience of the place. These places are the starting point in Julia's work from natural environments with different buildings, both exterior and interior.

Her characters, often the women, are recurring in her works. Their task is to anchor the individual's experiences in the environment that has been changed by man. She does this based on drawing as a means of expression and technique. Drawing plays a fundamental role in all parts of her artistic processes, from idea to finished work. By challenging drawing in new contexts and materials, based on works on wood and utility objects, she constantly searches for an extension of the basic form of drawing.


The design program at Växjö University
Image and form course at Växjö University
Art Collage at Folkuniversitetet
Dômen Art School


Gallery Mats Bergman, Karlstad
Karlskoga art gallery
Art Gallery K in Karlstad
Gothenburg Art Association
Culture House Kåken
Konsthallen Blå Stället, Angered


The slaughter house in Stockholm
Värmland's art association's Autumn Salon at Värmland's museum
Art promotion in Värmland
Alingsås Art Gallery
Kulturhuset Framtiden, Linköping
Gothenburg Art Association


Represented by the City of Gothenburg, Karlstad Municipality and Karlskoga Municipality.