Collection: Gunnar Lidén

Gunnar Lidén is an artist who seeks an abstract expression through shapes, colors and patterns, which stimulates the viewer's imagination. With a background as a priest in the Church of Sweden, his art is characterized by interpretations of life without clear pointers. In addition to his artistry, Gunnar has also written several books.

His painting process often begins with a line and carving on the canvas. By adding several layers, a movement is created on the canvas, and soon a composition with different directions and relationships emerges. The painting transitions from being representational to becoming a poetic story about something that lies outside the work of art itself or beneath the surface of the colors and shapes.


Gerlesborgsskolan, Bohuslän, summer
Gerlesborg School, Stockholm
Karlstad Free Painting School, KFM
Kyrkerud's art school, watercolor


Årjängs Library
Arvika Art Cellar
Paulusgården, Athens
Sillegården, V. Ämtervik
Silvénska Villan, Säffle
Restaurant Blue, Karlstad
Sahlströmsgården, Torsby
Café Slusswakten, Karlstad
Gallery KIKA, Karlstad


Arvika Art Cellar
Arvika "Living Room"
Gallery K, Karlstad
Art Gallery, Gammelvâla, Brunskog
Konstrundan KRUT in Ulvsby
Konstrundan in Karlstad
Höstsalongen, Värmland Art Association
Vårsalong, Hammarö
Höstsalongen, Värmland Art Association, Kristinehamn
Vårsalongen, Mariestad
Almars Gård, Karlstad
Autumn Salon, Värmlands Museum Karlstad
Eksjö on canvas
Boats at Åstorps Gård, Handelsträdgård
Autumn Salon, Rackstad Museum Arvika
Summer salon, Segerfors Kvarn, Rackstad


Årjäng Municipality, Karlstad Municipality, Region Värmland

Värmland's Artists' Association
Swedish cartoonist
Sweden's Authors' Association
Värmland Writers' Society