Collection: Little Gumman - Anki Fahlstad

The Master of Painting in the Magic of the Now

Anki Fahlstad is an artist whose work often evokes strong emotions in the viewer. Her paintings are an exploration of the moment, created in the present with a technique that constantly varies. Despite the shifting technique, a constant in her artistry is the presence of "Cool Qvinnors" – symbols of feminine energy that strive to convey nurturing, empathetic and love-based essence.

Fahlstad is deeply committed to exploring the balance between feminine and masculine energy, and she sees these aspects as inherent to each individual. Through her art, she strives to inspire a harmonious coexistence of these two energies. Meeting people and the power of love is an important source of inspiration for her.

Her painting process is meditative and an integral part of the rhythm of life. In her creation, Anki Fahlstad lets go of all demands for performance and paints without judging or evaluating. By doing so, she creates works that carry the magic of the present and that radiate a deep anchoring in love and intuition.


Aesthetic line at Sundstagymnasiet


Christmas market Rotnäs Gårdsbutik
Art week, Tälleruds Hembygdsgård
KRUT, Konstrunda in the Ulvsby district
Blue Kitchen & Bar, Karlstad
POP UP exhibition, Mitt i City, Karlstad
Café Louise, Duvanhuset, Karlstad
Plaza Hotel, Karlstad
Refix, Karlstad
Åstorps Handelsträdgård, Ulvsby
POP UP exhibition, Handelskvarteret Valvet, Karlstad
Cafe Gjuteriet, Karlstad
Charlottenberg Library
Gallery 39, Arvika
Gallery Almar, Karlstad
Art in Tiomila Forest, Hagfors
Karlstad City Library