Collection: Timothy Skinner

Timmy Skinner, jack of all trades, entrepreneur, fearless, creative, a little crazy, nothing is impossible, problems are meant to be solved, how hard can it be? are words and expressions that describe him. He was born in Los Angeles and raised in Las Vegas, came to Sweden and Visby when he was 7 years old. The American roots are clearly visible in his forward thinking and fearlessness. He started photographing seriously in 2012. At first it was about taking pictures where he could influence the picture in every way, staging everything himself, you can see it in the picture series "horror", which is one of his first major projects. More recently, the challenge has been to photograph untouchable objects to convey the genuine feeling of the moment. Much of the professional work takes place in a studio environment as he places great emphasis on being able to control the light. He also works in photoshop and realizes how important a tool it is to convey a creative image. Capturing a moment is his passion. Once in a lifetime


Worked with marketing, advertising, carpentry and design